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How To Survive Job Loss With Your Head And Heart Intact

Job loss is something that happens to millions every year and it’s never easy to deal with. I’ve spoken with people who feel as if their very identity is tied to their career and when the job is gone, they feel lost. I like to think of it as having the rug pulled out from […]

How To Build Self-Confidence When You Feel Insecure

It’s a question I hear all too often – “how am I supposed to build my self-confidence when I feel too insecure to do anything about it?” I wish there was a simple fix, so we could all feel more confident in just a few hours or days. Sadly, there isn’t a quick solution, but […]

Why Life Transitions Are Hard (And How To Get Over One)

I’ve been through many life transitions and while some weren’t so bad, others were a struggle. At the time, I wasn’t sure how I’d make it through, but looking back, I’m grateful for those transitions. They’ve helped turn me into the person I am today. That’s the thing with big transitions in life. I was […]