About Jess

Originally from Rochester MN, I’m just a Midwest girl at heart.  I grew up the 2nd of four children in a lower middle class family. While my family life could have been much worse, it was certainly not a happy and supportive home. Negativity, neglect and uncertainly were the norms.   I grew up struggling with low self-esteem, a terrible self-image and absolutely no confidence. I became my own worst enemy. I focused only on my flaws, dwelling on what I did wrong. I bombarded myself with negative self-talk.

It was a struggle, but somehow, I made my way through high school and then eventually college. I found that I was becoming dissatisfied and lost despite checking off all the things that you are supposed to do to achieve happiness. Marriage – check,  corporate job – check, home in the suburbs – check.  Despite doing everything I was “supposed to do” I couldn’t understand why I was still unhappy and continued to struggle with low self-esteem.

The turning point and blessing in disguise came in late 2009 after my divorce and layoff.  Being all alone with no money or job prospects left me terrified!  Finally, a thought occurred to me… if I was going to survive, I needed to learn to become my own best friend. After all, I was the only one around me at the time, and if I didn’t know how to be kind to myself, who else would be there to help instill the confidence I needed?

I spent the next few years working crappy jobs and putting in long days. This gave me the opportunity to reflect and analyze the way I viewed myself, others, and the world around me. During this time I learned the key elements that got me to push the reset button and change things for the better. Eventually I did get back on my feet. I became empowered, and confident all because of learning the secret to shifting my mindset to that of positivity, possibility and gratitude.